Game 7: Broncos  
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It wasn't a win for the Jaguars, but 0-24 wasn't a bad game at all considering that the Broncos were one of the two Superbowl teams at the end of the season.  The Jaguars held the Broncos to no points through almost the entire first half of the game, showing great defensive strength against a strong offensive team.


(Right) Chris (23)  puts on speed to head off the Bronco runner.  Also, left to right—Brian (74), Onaj'ee, Dominic (96).


Justin (94) takes down the Bronco runner while Dominic (middle) and Colin (76) come in to help.

Jaguar defense heads for the Bronco runner.  Left to right—Hunter (22), Barrington (7), Colin.

Defense storms toward the Bronco quarterback.  Left to right—Omar, Onaj'ee (8), Will, Justin (94), Brian (74).

Jaguar offense stops the Bronco defenders as Trenton (4) pitches out to Barrington (hands at far left).  Left to right—Barrington (hands), Onaj'ee (8), Trenton (4), Omar (86), Andrew, Roger (81), Trey (9), Dominic.

Onaj'ee evades a tackler while Hunter (22) and Omar (86) block.

Jaguars battle Broncos all over the field.  Left to right—Omar, Justin (94), Roger (81), Onaj'ee, Andrew (27), Colin.

Dads and Trenton help Omar with his jersey during halftime.  Left to right—Tyler (18), Dominic, Trenton (4), Omar (96), Colin (76), Brian (74), Chris.

Ojaj'ee(8) listens to one of the coaches at halftime.  Left to right—Trenton, Onaj'ee, Omar, Coach Ollie.

Colin (76) and Andrew (27 talk during halftime.  Also—Roger (81), Brian.

Onaj'ee surprises the Bronco runner.

Colin (76, center) gets around a Bronco defender just after the quarterback handoff.  Also—Chris (23).

Jaguar defense stops the Eagle runner quickly.  Left to right—Brian (74), Justin, Barrington (ground), Tyler (18), Omar, Trenton.)

Jaguar defense surrounds the Bronco runner.  Left to right—Dominic (96), Chris (23), Will, Barrington (tackling Bronco runner), Roger (81).

Defense fights its way toward the Bronco quarterback (far right) as he's about to make his handoff.  Left to right—Dominic (96), Barrington (7), Brian (74), Justin (94), Roger (81).

Jaguar offense blocks for quarterback Trenton as he runs the ball.  Left to right—Will , Roger (81), Trenton.

Trey (9, left) checks with the referee to be sure he's on the line before the play starts.  Also—Jordan.

Jaguar linebackers Will, Barrington (7), and Onaj'ee (8) get ready to cut off the running back.  Left to right—Dominic (96), Will, Barrington, Onaj'ee, Omar (86).

Defense shoots toward the Bronco runner (far left).  Left to right—Will, Justin, Brian (74), Hunter (22), Trey.

Chris (23) puts on speed to head off the Bronco runner.  Also, left to right—Brian (74), Onaj'ee, Dominic (96).

Jaguar defense clogs up the Bronco's line.  Left to right—Dominic (96), Brian, Omar, Onaj'ee (8).

Passing a Bronco lineman, Brian (74) heads downfield toward the Bronco running back.  Also—Justin (94).

Defense homes in on the Bronco runner (far left).  Left to right—Hunter (22), Colin (76), Onaj'ee (8), Dominic, Barrington (7).

Players and coaches line up for the post-game handshake with the Broncos.  Left to right—Colin (76), Barrington (7), Chris (23), Andrew (27), Brian, Roger (81), Coach Stevens, Coach George.

Jaguars end with, "Beat the Gladiators!" in preparation for the next game.  Left to right—Coach Jones, Omar (86), Hunter (22), Andrew, Coach George, Justin, Coach Stevens, Will (13), Barrington (7).

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