Game 10: Cougars  
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Jaguars fought hard against the Cougars but couldn't hold on for a win; the Cougars pulled ahead by two touchdowns in the second half, and the Jags couldn't catch up.  However, the Jaguars played their final AFL game at the field many of them began on as 4th graders—Jupiter Field—on a beautiful warm fall day.


(Right)  Jaguars listen intently to Coach Steven's post-game talk.  Clockwise from left—Omar (86), Tyler (19), Hunter (22, Colin (76), Barrington, Jordan (1).


Roger's dad adjusts Dominic's chin strap before the game.  (Also Roger-81)

Coach Ollie prepares the Jaguar defense.

(Left to right)  Jordan, Tyler, and Brian watch the 4th grade game finishing up on the field as they wait to play the Cougars.

Colin thinks about his last regular ASA game as he heads toward the field.

Trenton (4) tries to make it through the Cougar defense.  Also Omar (left), Onaj'ee (8).


The Jaguar offensive line is ready for Will's snap as Barrington (7) goes in motion in the backfield.  Left to right—Onaj'ee, Barrington (7), Roger (81), Colin (86), Dominic, Will, (with ball) and Trenton (back).

Onaj'ee (8) and ?? bring down the Cougar runner. 

Onaj'ee (8) and Brian (74) trap a Cougar runner as Roger (81) comes in to finish the job.

Jaguars swarm to bring down the Cougar's 22.  Left to right—Hunter (22), ??, Andrew (27). 

Meanwhile, Jaguar siblings enjoy the many puppies at the game that day.  Left to right—Anally (Omar's sister) and Hunter's sister.

Daniel (Brian's brother) has one of two boxer puppies at the game.

 . . . and now Anally has the boxer pup as Daniel holds its hand . . . or paw.

Dominic kicks the extra point after Barrington's TD run.  Left to right—Dominic, Trenton (4), Barrington (7), Justin (94), Andrew (27), Onaj'ee (8), Roger (81).

Coach Stevens instructs the Jaguars as they come off the field following the touchdown and extra point.  Left to right—Chris, Dominic (96), Trenton (4), Justin, Jordan, Collin, Onaj'ee (8), Tyler, Omar (86).

Justin (94) kicks off after a Jaguar touchdown.  Left to right—Omar (86), Justin, Colin (76), Trey (9).

Omar heads downfield through a hole made by good blocking from Onaj'ee (left) and Barrington (7).

Anally (Omar's sister), (Daniel (Brian's brother), and Bailey (Robert's brother) take turns using a broken car stop as a trampoline.

Defense battles it out with the Cougars.  Left to right—Roger, Barrington (7), Omar (86).

Defense waits for the Cougar offense to return from the huddle.  Left to right—Barrington, Dominic (96), Brian (74), Omar (86).

Jaguar defense comes off the field after stopping the Cougars.  Left to right—Dominic (96), Onaj'ee, Brian (74), Roger (810, Chris, Barrington (7).

Coach Stevens talks the Jaguar defense through its next play while Roger's grandpa gives them a water break.  Left to right—Justin (94), Brian (74), Chris, Barrington (7), Dominic, Omar (86), Onaj'ee (8), Tyler, Roger.

The coaching and water continue during the time out.  Left to right—Justin (), Chris (23), Dominic, Brian (74), Andrew (27), Robert.

Defense fires off the line against he Cougars.  Left to right—Colin, Brian, Dominic.

Tyler (18) prepares to stop a Cougar runner.  Left to right—Tyler, Justin (94), Omar (86), Brian (74).

Offensive line is ready for Will's snap.  Left to right—Will (with ball), Justin, Roger, Onaj'ee (8, standing), Trey (9), Barrington (right).

Trenton (4) gets ready to send long pass flying.  Left to right—Colin (76), Omar, Trenton.

Barrington catches a pass from Trenton and heads downfield.

Offensive line blocks to protect the quarterback and ball carrier.  Left to right—Roger (81), Dominic (96), and several other unidentified linemen.

Barrington almost catches the pass, but it lands too low.

Chris (23) and Brian watch the offense from the sidelines.

Defense watches from the sidelines.   Left to right—Tyler (18), Brian (74), Chris (23), Hunter (22), Trey.

Andrew (far left) and Will (left, 13) lead the offense in blocking the Cougar defenders.  Left to right—Andrew, Will, Justin (94), Barrington (7), Onaj'ee, Dominic.

Jaguar offense takes a knee for a Cougar injury.  Left to right—Dominic (96), Barrington (7), Roger, Trenton (4), Onaj'ee (8), Justin.

Defense leaves the field and starts taking off helmets as time runs out in the game.  Left to right—Tyler (18), Dominic (96), Brian (74), Colin, Omar (86), Barrington (7).Barrington (7).

Jaguars head back onto the field for their "Good game!" handshake with the Cougars.  Left to right—Jordan (1), Hunter (22), Justin (94), Omar (86), Colin (76), Will (13).

Dominic (left) and Brian (74) include the referees in their "Good game!" handshake.

Jaguars listen intently to Coach Steven's post-game talk.  Clockwise from left—Omar (86), Tyler (19), Hunter (22, Colin (76), Barrington, Jordan (1).

Coaches congratulate the boys on a hard-played season.  Left to right—Coach Ollie, Coach Stevens, Jordan (1), Colin, Justin, Coach George , Isaiah (Barrington's little brother), Barrington, Onaj'ee.

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