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1997 - 4th Quarter

Excellent Site!

Robert Thomas McIntosh
Phoenix, AZ USA
Monday, December 29, 1997 at 20:46:47 (CST)

Nice page. How can I become a member of a clan? Or get my own family clan.

Gerben Peet
Enschede, Overijssel The NETHERLANDS
Monday, December 29, 1997 at 10:18:58 (CST)

I am very interested with Genealogy of the McIntoshes. I have traced my line back to Perth, Scotland (1760) I would be delighted to share information with anyone interested.

Hephzibah, GA USA
Thursday, December 25, 1997 at 23:23:57 (CST)


Clan Affiliation: McINTOSH (SCOTCH-IRISH)
Thursday, December 25, 1997 at 22:49:45 (CST)

I'm looking for a better copy of the McIntosh History written by Frank Bringle McIntosh in about 1947 which describes the descendents of John Og McIntosh born on March 6, 1753 in Inverness, Scot. who was captured in the Battle of Cowpens during the American Revolution. I am hoping to work a trip to that battle site in a family vacation so would also be interested in hearing about the national historical site there. Thanks for any information!

Anne McIntosh Schneider
Jefferson City, MO USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh, Baird, Stewart
Thursday, December 25, 1997 at 19:51:32 (CST)

This is a great site! I was just wondering if anyone has any information about the McIntoshes in the Southwest Missouri area....I don't know much about our family tree....only that we are supposedly descended from Scot royalty....who knew?? If you have any info for me, please e-mail me. Thanks!

C.M. McIntosh
Springfield, MO USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Monday, December 22, 1997 at 22:50:31 (CST)

Hi! Great web site! Enjoy anything Scottish. Is there any info available for this site about us up here in the "True North strong and free?" (a.k.a. Canada). Would appreciate it if you could contribute some of the Canadian history of the Macs. My heart is in the Highlands. Isobel McIntosh.

Isobel McIntosh
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Monday, December 22, 1997 at 22:49:48 (CST)

I was very glad to see your page. My father is currently working very hard on a family tree that he has currently put about 7 years of research into. I must say that we are quite proud of our Scottish heritage and hope to see much more out of your sight in the future. Keep up the great work.

Matthew Adamson
Henderson , KY USA
Clan Affiliation: Mackintosh
Sunday, December 21, 1997 at 23:44:35 (CST)

I'm looking for information on a Sept family of clan MacIntosh. If anyone has information on the Ritchie family I would most appreciate hearing about it. Many thanks!

Tucson, AZ USA
Sunday, December 21, 1997 at 16:10:20 (CST)

I got a very good lead on my Great, Great Grandfather Alex McPhail   On CD 118 Alex McPhail b 1823 Scotland. Living 1851 Markham Township   This came to me email, from one of the research sites that I made an inquiry. This Alex would be about the right age, born in Scotland in 1823 and he migrated to Canada, being on the 1851 census in Markham, Ontario, Canada.   MCPHAIL/MACPHAIL : SCOTLAND>CANADA>NY>MI>ID>WA Researching: Great, Great Grandfather Alex McPhail born in Scotland in early  1800's Great, Great Grandmother Anna McPhail ( Tettes ) born in Scotland in early  1800's  Great Grandfather Archibald McPhail born in Canada, on AUG 06, 1858 ( his obit states that he was from Ontario and that he had several brothers and sisters in Ontario Canada and one brother Sandy McPhail in Sedro Woolley WA. ). He moved to the US, NY area when he was around 18 years old. He married my Great Grandmother Mary Foster in New York.   Agnes Campbell Macphail, first woman member of the Canadian House of Commons; b. March 24, 1890, in Proton Township, Grey Co., Ont.; d. in Toronto, February 13, 1954. Daughter of Dougald Macphail, farmer and auctioneer, and Henrietta Campbell. My Great Grandfather Archibald and Dougald were poss. brothers, this is what I'm researching now.    Dougald McPhail b 1843 Scotland 1851 living Lobo Township Middlesex, Ontario   This Dougald McPhail born in Scotland in 1843 and being in the 1851 census of Township Middlesex, Ontario, Canada, is more then likely the same Dougald MacPhail, who was a poss. brother to my Great Grandfather Archibald McPhail who was born in 1858 in Ontario Canada.   Grandfather William John McPhail born on Drummands Island, Michigan in 1885, he married my Grandmother Rowena Parcels in Michigan on July 4,1911. Rowena was also from Michigan, having a sister Mrs. St Onge and 3 brothers Edward, Henry and Richard Parcels. Her father Allen Parcels of Michigan was also alive at her death in 1940.  Archibald McPhail ( d. 1944 ) and Mary ( d. 1960 ), William John McPhail ( d. 1956 ) and Rowena ( d. 1940 ) then moved to the Tacoma Washington area and the all lived here until their deaths.

Bill McPhail
Tacoma, WA USA
Clan Affiliation: McPhail Clan
Friday, December 19, 1997 at 00:56:29 (CST)

Great web page. I must say, I am proud to be a McIntosh!!

Tiffany McIntosh
ON Canada
Thursday, December 18, 1997 at 15:10:54 (CST)

Jeff McIntosh
Glendale, AZ USA
Wednesday, December 17, 1997 at 23:11:45 (CST)

Seeking info. on Noble & McIntosh families who married in Ouachita Parish, La. Sherry Sanford

Sherry Sanford
Denham Springs, LA USA
Tuesday, December 16, 1997 at 18:30:46 (CST)


Sunday, December 14, 1997 at 16:50:44 (CST)

I'm long since removed from any Scottish connections. Maybe this is a start, although after seeing my tartan maybe this wasn't such a good idea. I am looking forward to checking my family history and this page looks like a good place to start.

Barry McIntosh
Vernon, BC Canada
Friday, December 12, 1997 at 19:43:41 (CST)

This is really cool! I'm Scottish and proud of it, and I found this homepage really interesting. It would be even better if you had some history about the McIntoshes in Canada, eh? Keep adding new stuff, and I'll definitely come back. Thanks! Isobel McIntosh

Isobel McIntosh
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Wednesday, December 10, 1997 at 21:19:12 (CST)

Came across your page while I was researching Scotland on the WEB - I'm having my students study Scotland as part of the World Festival at school. Great to see the page, as well as someone else wearing the clan tartan. Dave Dallas Albuquerque, NM

Dave Dallas
Albuquerque, NM USA
Clan Affiliation: MacIntosh
Tuesday, December 09, 1997 at 23:05:11 (CST)

Hey its me. Francis McIntosh(Cal.) thanks for the letter. I'm still working on the letter to you. Thanks again

Cori McIntosh

Union Furnace, OH USA
Tuesday, December 09, 1997 at 14:19:35 (CST)

Good on ya lads! I am originally from Ottawa, ON. where my father, Alexander Norman McIntosh still lives. He was born in Glengary county in Ontario.

Scott Alexander McIntosh
Vancouver, BC Canada
Clan Affiliation: Mcintosh
Monday, December 08, 1997 at 22:25:39 (CST)

Message for John McIntosh, New Zealand. Apologies for the incorrect e-mail address, try this one. We have a line of our family in New Zealand. The James McIntosh I'm looking for has a Grandson, William Ross McIntosh, born 1/8/1926 who emigrated to New Zealand. He married Issabel McKenzie and has 2 children, Lynda and Freda. Although he was christened William he was known as Dick!, Strange custom they have in Scotland. I've no idea where they settled., I'll try contacting you via e-mail., Cheers., Ian.,

Ian McIntosh
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Friday, December 05, 1997 at 15:13:55 (CST)

Where can I find more information???

Kelly McIntosh
Mississauga, on Canada
Friday, December 05, 1997 at 13:12:28 (CST)

Interesting web site - I know very little about my heritage and you've inspired me to find out more! Do you have any resources you could recommend?

Will Mackintosh
Swarthmore, PA USA
Clan Affiliation: Mackintosh, I guess....
Thursday, December 04, 1997 at 21:07:17 (CST)

We have in our family tree a Jane McIntosh (abt1824-1888) who was from Scotland and married William Moore (1824-1882) there. They emigrated to the US and lived in Indiana, having two children there: Margaret (1852) and Tom(1855). They moved to Cape Giradeau, Missouri and had two more children: John (1859) and Mary ( aft 1860) Our connection is with John William, who became a Vincentian Priest and one of the founders of St. John's University in NYC. Thanks for any information! What a great page!

Margaret V.Bayone
Jackson, NJ USA
Clan Affiliation: Unknown
Thursday, December 04, 1997 at 06:14:46 (CST)

Great place to visit!!!! I come from a line of McIntoshes descended from Peter Ira McIntosh.I have info that indicates his arrival around the Boston area and settled in the Mohawk Valley in a town called Schoharie[near Albany]. He was married to a woman named Maria[Mary]LaGrange supposedly born in Albany in August of 1778. I might add that Peter was born in Scotland in 1774... Where I do not know.... I have info from the 1770's to the present but nothing of the pre-America lineage. Do these names ring any bells..I am looking for pre 1770ish data!! Does anyone know of any Canadian URL's???? Thanks and Greetings from Canada!!!!

J. Gregory McIntosh
Ottawa, On Canada
Wednesday, December 03, 1997 at 23:50:36 (CST)


Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Wednesday, December 03, 1997 at 19:50:21 (CST)

Know of any McIntoshes that ventured to the Caribbean? Great page and keep the faith.

Monique McIntosh
Wednesday, December 03, 1997 at 18:41:21 (CST)

Ian McIntosh of Bristol UK wrote asking about James McIntosh born 1880. My Great-uncle James McIntosh was born on the 11th September 1880 at Baker Street in Stirling to John and Catherine (Ryan) McIntosh. I could not get through to your email. Contact me if you think my James is your GGgrandfather. Cheers

John McIntosh
Whakatane, New Zealand
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Tuesday, December 02, 1997 at 13:19:53 (CST)

This is a great page....wish I WAS part of this clan!!!

Denise Goss
Wesson, MS USA
Monday, December 01, 1997 at 16:16:58 (CST)

Both Clans seem to lay claim to the MacFall sect. If anyone knows any M(a)cFall's that may be able to help, please have them email me a.s.a.p. Great site! Thanks

Todd C. McFall
Yukon, OK USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh or Cameron
Sunday, November 30, 1997 at 01:30:07 (CST)

Please come visit our new site and keep the faith.

E. R. Mc Intyre,Sr. HK.
Riverside, Ca USA
Saturday, November 29, 1997 at 16:15:39 (CST)

Looking for any descendants of McIntoshes that lived in or around Dufftown, near Elgin in Scotland at the turn of the 20th century. Have traced our lineage back to Dufftown but are looking for the family of James McIntosh born in 1880, died in 1957 in Aberdeen. First wife was Margaret Allan and had, among others. a daughter called Jane Alice who was born in 1900 and died in 1956. James is my Great-Great Grandfather and I'm trying to trace his father or direct descendants. Great site, will take time to look properly if I can download it and then see if I can tie in any of my investigations., Cheers.,

Ian McIntosh
Bristol, UK
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Friday, November 28, 1997 at 17:31:45 (CST)

Son of George Dryburgh McIntosh, born 1881, Paris, Ontario, Canada

Norman Bankson McIntosh
Laguna Hills , CA USA
Wednesday, November 26, 1997 at 21:25:43 (CST)

Hello!!! Goodbye.!!!!!

Camilla and Katarina

Wednesday, November 26, 1997 at 10:04:28 (CST)

This is Quite a Lovely site There is (rumored) to be lineage from the highlands Unknown who when where All from Mothers side

Michael L. Parker
Santa Maria, CA USA
Clan Affiliation: unknown @ this time
Tuesday, November 25, 1997 at 19:56:46 (CST)

My Mother was a McIntosh from Georgia. Her father was John Hawkins McIntosh a son of Benjamin Franklin McIntosh who was married three times. His second marriage was to Harriet McMurray who was my grandfathers mother. The lineage supposedly traces back to Captain John Mohr McIntosh who led a Company of Highlanders against the Spaniards in 1740. I am just starting and need any information available on Captain McIntosh and his descendants. This site is a great help to me. Thanks!

Riverton, NJ USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Tuesday, November 25, 1997 at 11:52:15 (CST)

Very nice to see this page. Liked it a lot. Here are all the skeleton's from my closet if they will help anyone: father: Major McDonald McIntosh (Don), born San Pedro, CA grandfather: Major Scott McIntosh, born Cape Traverse, PEI, Canada (black sheep of family and probably changed his name when he ran away from home in late teens. original name probably David Scott/Scott Davi McIntosh or Mackintosh.) One of the rumors in my family is that one of my grandfather's brothers sold the family recipe for smoking meat, got rich and didn't share. Supposedly he sold it to Farmer John Meat Company (sorry FJ if this isn't true -- I said it was a rumor). Great-grandfather: Charles Cummins Mackintosh, born Bradalbane, PEI, CA gggfather:Alexander Mackintosh, born Glasgow, Scotland

Bonnie McIntosh
Los Angeles, CA USA
Clan Affiliation: Mackintosh
Sunday, November 23, 1997 at 13:35:32 (CST)

Seeking to contact descendants of William McIntosh of Old Salem, SC (1764-1843). He fought in the Revolution under Francis Marion and was one of the founders of Midway Presbyterian Church which is near the border of Clarendon and Williamsburg Counties in SC. 1-- William McINTOSH (7 Apr 1764 - 24 Jun 1843) married Mary REARDON (b 11 Mar 1776) on 18 Dec 1794 2-- Martha Jane McINTOSH (b 18 Oct 1795) sp-Daniel FRIERSON 2-- Mary Witherspoon McINTOSH (21 Sep 1797 - 15 Apr 1869) sp-Edward ANDERSON (b 20 Mar 1790) 2-- William Hilton McINTOSH (b. 3 Oct 1799) 2-- Susannah McINTOSH (b. 13 Aug 1801) married Elizabeth HARRINGTON (10 Jun 1785 - 27 Mar 1852) on 6 Aug 1807 2-- James Gamble McINTOSH (20 Jul 1808 - 6 Jul 1874) sp-Mrs. Ann (ROSE) MILLS (7 Jun 1809 - 1 Feb 1863) 3-- Sarah Rebecca McINTOSH (3 Sep 1832 - 20 May 1873) sp-John Anderson McCUTCHEN 2-- Eliza G. McINTOSH (b 12 Nov 1810) 2-- John C. McINTOSH (b 8 Jul 1813) 2-- Benjamin F. McINTOSH (b 3 Aug 1817) 2-- Saul W. McINTOSH (b 24 Apr 1820) 2-- Anne McINTOSH (b 24 Apr 1820) 2-- Henry Lawrence McINTOSH (b 8 Oct 1822) 2-- Middleton D. McINTOSH (b 23 Aug 1825) 2-- Joseph E. McINTOSH (b 18 Nov 1830) 2-- Sarah Elizabeth McINTOSH (b 3 Aug 1832) sp-Minto Witherspoon McGILL I am interested in publishing a family history and perhaps organizing a reunion at Midway Church before the end of the decade.

William E. McIntosh III
Charleston, SC USA
Clan Affiliation: Mackintosh, MacDonald
Sunday, November 23, 1997 at 11:53:06 (CST)

Very Good! We are returning to live in the highlands in summer 98 after 12 years away. This has made us more homesick and exited.

Scott & Mandy Noble
Salisbury, UK
Clan Affiliation: MacIntosh
Sunday, November 23, 1997 at 07:13:13 (CST)

Just in case anyone is researching, my father was William C. Mackintosh, born Chicago IL, 1927, and my grandfather was James Mackintosh, born St. Louis, c.1900. I have other info if it'd be helpful.. Great web site!!!

Kirt Mackintosh
Duvall, WA USA
Clan Affiliation: Mackintosh
Saturday, November 22, 1997 at 22:29:18 (CST)

Hello everyone,,I'll give you as much as I know...... my son John Corey McIntosh ,,born August 24,1986 in Stuebenville,OH myself,, John Gilbert McIntosh,, born Dec.31, 1962 in East Liverpool,OH my father..John Miles McIntosh,,born Sept.14, 1932 in Weirton,WV past away Sept of 95 my grandfather ..William James McIntosh born March 22,1888 in Enniskillen Township Lambton Co. Ontario, Canada ......died April 8,1966 in Chester,WV my great grandfather James McIntosh ..born 1856 in Dorchester,,died 1899 he was married to Miss Levina Peacock my gg grandfather was Alexander McIntosh of Plympton he was married to Marjory my ggg grandfather "Captain" McIntosh who was married to Lady Isabella the granddaughter of Lord Mora that's all folks,,,, if anyone can add some thought my home address is 114 Third St. Follansbee, WV 26037

Jack McIntosh
Follansbee, WV USA
Clan Affiliation: Clan Mackintosh
Saturday, November 22, 1997 at 19:03:08 (CST)

I am looking for further information on my McIntosh ancestors: Elizabeth (Esplet) McIntosh born 6/23/1745 in Cray, Inverness, parents were John McIntosh and Mayary Kelach? Isabel McIntosh born 1709 Cray and Dolcross Parish, Inverness married to a John Urquhart (born 1709) Would appreciate any information anyone can provide. Enjoyed the McIntosh site!!

Donna Ashcroft Meier
Eagle, ID USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Wednesday, November 19, 1997 at 21:42:47 (CST)

My wife, Suzanne Lay Vaughan is the gGranddaughter of the reverend John McIntosh 1834--1906, of Mcintosh Co OK ( then Indian Territory ). He was 1/4 Creek married Mary Wesley, full blood Creek. His father was Chilly McIntosh also listed as 1/4 Creek.Said to be direct descendants of Chief William McIntosh. Haven't been able to make connection. HELP:

Sid Vaughan
Versailles, MO USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Wednesday, November 19, 1997 at 21:28:39 (CST)

I learned to have great pride in my heritage from my late father, Robert O. McIntosh. The origins of our American "branch" have been traced back to the immigration of two McIntosh brothers to the Hudson Valley in the 1720's. So you can see we have a long heritage of maintaining our Scottish pride. I have twice visited the Mother Land & look forward to my next.

Sally McIntosh Chassagne
Ventura, CA USA
Monday, November 17, 1997 at 21:02:26 (CST)

Terrific.....keep up the grand work.

David John McIntosh

Toronto, Ontario Canada
Saturday, November 15, 1997 at 14:05:45 (CST)

Great site....give more info on the Canadian Clan.

Sean James McIntosh

Toronto, Ontario Canada
Saturday, November 15, 1997 at 14:04:42 (CST)

Excellent website. It has been a number of years since I have actually seen it, but the Ouachita Parish Library in Monroe, Louisiana, has a family tree of McIntoshes in its Genealogy Room. My first American McIntosh ancestor arrived in either N.Carolina or S. Carolina in 1774 from the west coast of Scotland. I don't recall the name. Next time in Monroe, I'll have to look. Some of his descendants ended up in Wilcox County, Alabama. My grandfather, John Robert McIntosh (born 1868) followed some of his cousins to N. Louisiana in the late 1800's. I think this genealogy was compiled by a distant cousin living in New Jersey, Charles Nobles. One of the fascinating things about the clan is the strong family resemblance among far flung clan members. I have met some from time to time and am almost always struck by common characteristics, such as coloring.

Phillip L. McIntosh
Ridgeland, MS USA
Clan Affiliation: Mackintosh
Saturday, November 15, 1997 at 01:32:43 (CST)

No Comment.

Thomas W. Ritch
Union Springs, AL USA
Wednesday, November 12, 1997 at 15:55:33 (CST)

Hello from Buenos Aires!!! (hey, our feud ended hundreds of years ago)

Fabian Martin
Buenos Aires, BA Argentina
Clan Affiliation: Clan Cameron
Tuesday, November 11, 1997 at 15:39:20 (CST)

I'm looking for any info on the following: Curtis B. McIntosh b. 1838 in Cleveland, OH. Son Donald from Scotland and Ellen from Canada. Curtis was in Civil War. Married 19 Sept. 1863 to Catherine Frances Tyler in Kanawha, WVA. He died 3 Feb. 1909 and she died 6 Nov. 1911 in Kanawha Co., WVA where they are buried. Father Donald b ca. 1810 in Scotland. Where do I go from here?

Ronald Brennan
Highland Heights, KY USA
Friday, November 07, 1997 at 20:09:48 (CST)

Hi I am looking up my family tree and this is what I know: father-Brian E. McIntosh m.Linda A. Barnes. My father's parents-George McIntosh m. Leah Hoy. My grandfather's parents- Charley McIntosh m. Ellie Northup. That is as far as I got. I searched my library and found basically nothing. So an help would be helpful. My address is P.O. Box 21,Union Furnace, OH. 43158

Cori McIntosh
Union Furnace, OH USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Friday, October 31, 1997 at 15:39:29 (CST)

My grandson, Pete O'Neill, told me about this McIntosh page. My husband was Robert K. McIntosh and he was born and grew up in Fremont, NH. His father's name was Norman McIntosh, wife was Ethel Howe McIntosh. Norman's father's name was Charles and his wife's name was Elizabeth Manning McIntosh. I don't know Charles McIntosh's parents names. Robert has a brother named George Western McIntosh and resides in Fremont, NH.

Judy McIntosh
Huron, OH USA
Tuesday, October 28, 1997 at 18:00:08 (CST)

My Grandmother is doing genealogy research on her family history (McIntosh). I have given her the address here so that this may help her in her research. I'm glad that someone out there is doing this!!

Pete P. K. O'Neill
Carbondale, IL USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh, O'Neill
Tuesday, October 28, 1997 at 14:36:25 (CST)

This was very nice to find. Our clan came to Swift Current, Saskatchewan originally. My grandfather was Duncan McIntosh and he married Maude Gaffney. My father eventually moved to Kent, Washington then he married my mother Josephine Heister and they moved to Okanogan, Washington to work with my grandfather Duncan at his farm implement dealership. We have a history book that my aunt (Marge McIntosh) and cousin (a MacDonald) published documenting our clan back to Gilbert Duncan McIntosh in 1763 or so in the Scottish highlands. I'm very proud of my heritage as are all of the McIntoshes in the Pacific Northwest. I'll check back again, and thank you!

Patty (McIntosh) Helvie
Tangent, OR USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Sunday, October 26, 1997 at 21:13:57 (CST)

I've been researching my roots off and on for about 7 years. My mother's maternal grandfather was Clarence McIntosh, born in Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1906. He and his wife Gladys Pearl, who were married in Iowa, moved their family to Polk County, Oregon in the 1930's. My understanding is that Clarence's family was Mormon, although the family has not practiced any organized religion for as long as my mother can remember. Any tips?

Michael Montgomery
Salem, OR USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Friday, October 24, 1997 at 17:01:38 (CDT)

The following are McIntoshes who were Jacobite soldiers captured at the Siege of Preston, Lancashire, and deported. Aboard the SCIPIO, sailing from Liverpool to Antigua, 3/30/1716: Lachlan, Malcolm, William, and William. Aboard the WAKEFIELD, sailing from Liverpool to South Carolina, 4/21/1716: Alexander, Donald, Donald, Duncan, James, John, John, John, and William. Aboard the SUSANNAH, sailing from Liverpool to South Carolina, 5/7/1716: Duncan, Ewan, James, John, John, John, and William. Aboard the ELIZABETH & ANNE, sailing from Liverpool to Virginia, 6/29/1716: James, James, John, John, and Thomas.

Scott Coltrain
Clan Affiliation: None
Thursday, October 23, 1997 at 17:21:51 (CDT)

The following is another list of Mackintosh/McIntosh immigrants from Scotland. Is one of them your descendant?? Donald McIntosh (residence: Stirling) Deported for thievery, 1684; left Leith to East New Jersey. David McIntosh (born 1752, res. Perth) Departed Greenock on ship LILLY for New York, 5/1775. John McIntosh (born 1714, res. Dores Inverness-shire) Departed for Georgia 10/20/1735. Elizabeth McIntosh (dau. of Lachlan McIntosh of Borlum) Departed for New England prior to 1773. Married a Isaac Ryall. Andrew McIntosh (born 1748, res. Elgin Morayshire) Departed Stornaway on ship CLEMENTIA for Philadelphia, 7/1775. Alexander McIntosh (born 1754, res. Balnacoter) Departed Stornaway on ship CLEMENTIA for Philadelphia, 7/1775. John McIntosh Departed New Castle on ship GEORGIA PACKET for Georgia 9/1775.

Scott Coltrain
Clan Affiliation: None
Thursday, October 23, 1997 at 17:03:48 (CDT)

My great grandmother's maiden name was Elizabeth McIntosh she married George Angus. I know that they had six children. My grandmother was JamesIna Angus. I have a date of Elizabeth's birth that I know that is wrong. She lived in Aberdeen, Turriff when my grandmother, JamesIna Angus was born on May 30,1886. Is anyone out there that is of this family Elizabeth McIntosh? Would like to find more out about her family. Thanks

Holly Schoenfelder
Concord, CA USA
Clan Affiliation: Innes
Wednesday, October 22, 1997 at 18:33:49 (CDT)

I am trying to find out my clan affiliation. Our last name was shortened when my ancestors came to the United States.

Rick Tosh
Hermosa Beach, CA USA
Clan Affiliation: don't know
Wednesday, October 22, 1997 at 15:24:37 (CDT)

Great Web Site

Edward H. McIntosh
Davidson Zip 28036, NC USA
Monday, October 20, 1997 at 07:04:24 (CDT)

Emerson G. McIntosh entered the US about 1880 as the adopted son of Robert McIntosh and Hannah Clark. They settled in Burnside Township, Michigan. Emerson's mother was Mary Underhill, nee Willy. She had one other son, Vern Underhill. Emerson may have been the illegitimate son of Robert McIntosh and Mary Willy Underhill. The Underhills lived in the area of Point Barrow, Ontario. Am interested in tracking this data. This branch of the McIntosh's wants to find out if we are genuine McIntosh's

William J. McIntosh
Goddard, KS USA
Clan Affiliation: Unknown
Saturday, October 18, 1997 at 13:03:03 (CDT)

To assist some of you who may be researching your ancestries, the following is a partial list of McIntoshes who were deported from Scotland after the disastrous Clan Chattan defeat at Culloden: Ship: GILDART Departed Liverpool (24 Feb. 1747) to Port North Potomac, Maryland Alexander McIntosh (born 1678 at Balnabrough Perth-shire) Ship: ST. GEORGE Departed Liverpool (20 Mar. 1747) to Jamaica Duncan McIntosh (residence: Dyke Moray-shire) Ship: FRERE Departed London (31 Mar. 1747) to Barbados Lachlan McIntosh (born 1725 at Inverness) Ship: JOHNSON Departed Liverpool (22 April 1747) to Port Oxford, Md. Duncan McIntosh (born 1687 in Inverness) John McIntosh Ship: VETERAN Departed Liverpool (5 May 1747) to Martinique Angus McIntosh (born 1721 at Inverness-shire) Ann McIntosh (born 1727 at Inverness) Jane McIntosh (born 1727 at Inverness) John McIntosh (born 1696 at Inverness) Peter McIntosh (born 1713 at Inverness) There is a larger list of McIntosh/Mackintosh deportees following the first Jacobite Rebellion of 1715. Most of those deportees came to the American Colonies. I may post some of those if there is interest.

Scott Coltrain
Clan Affiliation: Scottish Family of Coltrane
Friday, October 17, 1997 at 21:58:20 (CDT)

Grandfather, Hunter McIntosh, Schotland to Indiana in the 1800's Father, Bruce Hunter McIntosh Mother, Ethel Boyle McIntosh

George Michael McIntosh
Jacksonville, Fl USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Friday, October 17, 1997 at 17:18:36 (CDT)


Jonathan A Mackintosh

Nakusp, B>C> Canada
Friday, October 17, 1997 at 11:57:41 (CDT)


Van Lee McIntosh
Portland, or USA
Clan Affiliation: Mackintosh
Wednesday, October 15, 1997 at 17:04:30 (CDT)

My genealogy: Captain William McIntosh & Senozaie Tuskehenehaw (full Creek, Wind Clan) William McIntosh (1775-1825) signer of Treaty of Indian Springs & Eliza Grierson (Full Creek) William Cousins (son of Chief of Eufali Creeks) (1800-1876) & Catherine "Kate" McIntosh (1809-1849) Zaf Naf Payne Turner (1824-1893) & Sarah Ann Cousins Turner (1826-1897) George Washington Williams (1838-1939) & Louisa Ann Turner Williams (1863-1944) Samuel Brown & Fay Bell Williams (1906-1993) Jimmie Ray Brown (1938-) & Janet Marie Humin (1943-) Donna Louise Brown (1963-) me & Daniel E. Cobb (1962-) Thanks for the great site and I hope that this info helps some of you on this page! Donna

Donna Knoke Cobb
Birmingham, AL USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Wednesday, October 15, 1997 at 13:23:55 (CDT)

Have been interested in my family history. My tree showed that I am a descendent of a John McIntosh who was an indentured servant on a ship till he got to the United States and settled in the Appalachia Mts. of Kentucky .I understand he was from the highlands of Scotland, he came to America at approximately 17 years old.He entered through New York in the late mid 1700's.

Glenn McIntosh
Springfield ,Ohio 45504, oh USA
Clan Affiliation: none at this time
Tuesday, October 14, 1997 at 19:36:40 (CDT)

My cousin Cori McIntosh told me about this site,so I'd thought I'd look up on it. So here I am. This is so cool.

Katie McIntosh

Logan, Oh USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Tuesday, October 14, 1997 at 14:46:25 (CDT)

hi, great to find a page for us toshs my family (recently) came from carradale kintyre to England about 35 years ago my father is john mcintosh (john the bank in carradale) I have two sisters Teresa & Michele and a brother Gavin I have 3 sons Kenny James and Alex it would be great to hear from any "family" from any part of the world seeya tosh

Andy McIntosh
Newark,Nottinghamshire, UK
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Monday, October 13, 1997 at 17:57:10 (CDT)

Just thought I would add my name to your list. Thanks, Lou.

Louis B McIntosh Jr.
Indianapolis, IN USA
Monday, October 13, 1997 at 01:38:07 (CDT)

An excellent site ! Very informative. Thanks

Ian David McIntosh
Johannesburg, 1459 South Africa
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Sunday, October 12, 1997 at 08:39:33 (CDT)

WOW!!!!! Great site! Just getting started on my lineage of McIntosh/ DeForest. In particular, looking for any mention or knowledge of a one NIEL/NEIL McIntosh (Scottish/Irish side I think.) Melba M. McIntosh (b.1902), from Darien, CT, married a Carl Krom DeForest, (Ansonia, CT.) Any tidbit that you may feel applicable will be greatly appreciated!

Ed Stephens
El Cajon, CA USA
Clan Affiliation: none known
Sunday, October 12, 1997 at 00:37:01 (CDT)


Saturday, October 11, 1997 at 21:02:05 (CDT)

I am doing historical research on all McIntoshes and McGillivrays who immigrated to Georgia and South Carolina during the 1700s. This is for a book to be published. If your McIntosh ancestor came to Georgia or South Carolina during the 1700s, please contact me!! Thank you in advance.

Scott A. Coltrain
Des Moines, IA USA
Clan Affiliation: NONE
Friday, October 10, 1997 at 14:26:48 (CDT)

Hey! Great Job Todd!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks!

Cori McIntosh

Union Furnace, OH USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Wednesday, October 08, 1997 at 11:34:45 (CDT)

My brother and I can trace our pedigree back to John McIntosh, born in Scotland in 1630, and married Rebecca Metcalf, 5 April 1659. Their son William McIntosh was born 25 November 1665/1666 in Dedham, Ma. We have been unable to trace back before John, and Rebecca.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Douglas R. Banar
Port Charlotte, FL USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Monday, October 06, 1997 at 22:48:11 (CDT)

Hi, I am writing a school assignment about clans from Scotland, and have decided to tell about the McIntoshes. So I am very grateful to get all this information... and besides it was both fun and interesting to read!
Love from Ditte and Anka, Denmark

Ditte Andersen
Rønne, Denmark
Clan Affiliation: None
Thursday, October 02, 1997 at 02:52:22 (CDT)