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Clan McIntosh Guest Book Archive
1998 - 1st Quarter

My family was from Dornock or Rockfield in Tarbat parish. I have traced them back there to about 1830 but have lost track. Anyone with any information please contact me. Thank you.

Gilbert McIntosh
Whitby, ON Canada
Saturday, March 28, 1998 at 17:40:09 (CST)

Greetings to all!

Alexander Sandy McIntosh
Oceanside, NY USA
Clan Affiliation: Clan Chattan
Saturday, March 28, 1998 at 13:40:10 (CST)

My mother was Rosalind MacIntosh, born in St. Lawrence County, NY in 1922. Her father was Easter MacIntosh born on Easter Sunday, place unknown, 18??. He was married to Beulah Dashner, Born in St. Lawrence County NY in 1888. They had several children, including Rosalind, Mildred, Reginald (Reg), ? (Bub), and ? (Polly). Any other information on this family would be appreciated. I am a member of the Clan MacKintosh of North America, having joined at the Milwaukee WI Highland Games in 1977.

Randy A. Woodward
Wisconsin Rapids, WI USA
Clan Affiliation: Clan MacKintosh of North America
Friday, March 27, 1998 at 19:25:58 (CST)

Christina McIntosh

David Longmuir
Atlantic Beach, FL USA
Clan Affiliation: Possible gt,gt,gt,gt,gt,gt Grandmother
Thursday, March 26, 1998 at 22:10:25 (CST)

Fit like a you loons an quines. A thought eh wid spic tae ye in mi ain Aberdonian (Doric) accent jist for a change. a'm jist checkin oot the web site again tae see if onybody hid responded tae mi last communication bit nae sich luck. Still it's nae sic a bad web site. So cheerio for noo, see yi next time.

Willie Glennie.
Victoria, B.C. Canada.
Thursday, March 26, 1998 at 00:55:57 (CST)

This is a great site. I wish I could contact every McIntosh and stuff. I did not know that there were so many of us. this is Great!!!!!

Michael McIntosh
Hillburn, NY USA
Clan Affiliation: ???
Wednesday, March 25, 1998 at 21:50:21 (CST)

I really like the information I just read in the guest book. I will update my ancestry information as soon as I retrieve it from my bookcase. Till next time.

Rodger Dallas
Sacramento, CA USA
Clan Affiliation: Mackintosh
Wednesday, March 25, 1998 at 16:27:51 (CST)

Hi! I'm Mark McIntosh son of Ron and Barbara. I have 2 brothers John and Stuart.   We came out to Australia in 1814. His name was Robert McIntosh and his wife was Ellen. If anyone knows more about them or think they are related to him, please contact us. Thanks.

Mark McIntosh
Sydney, NSW Australia
Monday, March 23, 1998 at 04:16:54 (CST)

Great Web site.

J. Mark McIntosh
Helena , MT USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Sunday, March 22, 1998 at 20:01:06 (CST)

Nice Site. My G William McIntosh and his wife Sarah were from Canada and settled in in Indianapolis, In. and had one son, William Bell McIntosh,who was my Father. My Mother was Anna Lee Alexander who came from Maysville, KY. Bye for now.

Louis Bernard McIntosh
Shreveport, LA USA
Clan Affiliation: William McIntosh
Sunday, March 22, 1998 at 19:12:18 (CST)

Aberdonian been living in Canada for 23years.The Glennie name comes under the McIntosh clan,my wife Moira is also a McIntosh on her mothers side, her name was Elizabeth McIntosh(Betty)married name McDonald.We both grew up in Northfield.Interested in hearing from anyone who knew us before we emigrated.New to the net just stumbled on this site. Will check in again.

Willie Glennie.
Victoria., B.C. Canada. V8P 2W7.
Saturday, March 21, 1998 at 20:28:12 (CST)

I am looking for anyone related to a Leander Mcintosh & Martha (Spicer) Mcintosh. They are my great grandparents.

Yvonne Napier
Fairfield, Ohio USA
Saturday, March 21, 1998 at 17:59:20 (CST)

This is a return visit to catch up on the posts and to give email address change. Still searching for any links with Melba M. McIntosh, daughter of Neil McIntosh. Melba was from the Darien, CT area at one time, moved to New Jersey, then TX, has since passed away. Neil was in Darien, CT, and married a one Laura Bently(Bentley). Any info will be appreciated! This is still one of the better clan pages!!

Ed Stephens
El Cajon, CA USA
Clan Affiliation: none known
Thursday, March 19, 1998 at 14:33:49 (CST)

Your page is very interesting and informative.

Katie McIntosh

Ancaster, Ont. Canada
Thursday, March 19, 1998 at 08:39:01 (CST)

This is my first visit to the web site. In fact, I just now discovered there is a site. I'm anxious to look around and see what there is to see

Kevin McIntosh
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Tuesday, March 17, 1998 at 12:20:39 (CST)

I would like to find out more information about my heritage and find out what all the clan crests look like.

Matthew Allan-Noble Smith
Bellingham, WA USA
Saturday, March 14, 1998 at 19:47:35 (CST)

A very informative web site

Gordon McIntosh
Melbourne, Vic Australia
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Saturday, March 14, 1998 at 15:42:33 (CST)


Friday, March 13, 1998 at 17:22:41 (CST)

Looking for any information on Floyd McIntosh who married Maude Gabbard

Sandy McIntosh Hollitt
Vevay, IN USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Friday, March 13, 1998 at 16:57:49 (CST)

Nice looking page. Does anyone know anything about Schuyler McIntosh, born 9 Nov 1837 in Meredith NY? His father is Alexander and his mother is Catherine.

Roger A McIntosh
Fredredricksburg, VA USA
Friday, March 13, 1998 at 14:04:59 (CST)

I have a tip for people looking for genealogy info...... There is a church by the name of "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints". Better known as the Mormon church.They have their own genealogy library. It is open to the public but an appointment is usually necessary. It has been very helpful to me and suggest you visit the library.

Adrian Loggains
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh And Logan
Monday, March 09, 1998 at 10:49:01 (CST)

My brother, sister and I are doubly descended from Capt. John Mohr McIntosh (1700-ca1761) and his wife Marjory Fraser (1701-?). While I have considerable info on the line leading to my grandmother I am lacking in info on my grandfathers. My grandfather was a direct descendant of Maj. Gen. Lachlan McIntosh while my grandmother was a direct descendant of his brother Lt. Co. William McIntosh (both were sons of Capt. John Mohr McIntosh). This family came from Scotland and settled McIntosh County, GA (Darien). While I have a large family history I would appreciate any additional info. Thanks

Ida Allen-Prevatt
Seville, FL USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Sunday, March 08, 1998 at 15:41:12 (CST)

Looking for ancestors of grandfather, Elle McIntosh and grandmother, Ednie, from Beattyville, KY, (Red River Gorge area). Would like to know the history. Didn't see anything in the archives but will keep searching. Nice sight!

DeWitt McIntosh
Cincinnati, OH USA
Sunday, March 08, 1998 at 12:28:11 (CST)

This has been great looking up the history of the Mackintosh family! I am new at this and would like some help finding coat of arms and family info. If anyone feels that they can help please contact me! "Loch Moigh" James Michael McIntosh

James Michael McIntosh
Houston Texas, TX USA
Clan Affiliation: Mackintosh, Macintosh,
Saturday, March 07, 1998 at 07:22:05 (CST)

I am looking for the immigration of WILLIAM TOSH. He was born in Ireland in 1777(1850 census says 1789-but I think that's wrong). He married Eleanor Nesbitt in Cecil Co. MD in 1808. His marriage record is the earliest information I can find on him. I've started searching MACINTOSH for a clue as to whether the name was changed when going to Ireland from Scotland, or when coming to the US. Any suggestions?

Dee Minton
Plymouth, NC USA
Clan Affiliation: Macintosh
Thursday, March 05, 1998 at 10:55:53 (CST)

My gg-grandmother was Julia Ann McIntosh, d/o Benjamon McIntosh and Jane Waddle. Julia born in Mason County, KY and married Enoch Bettis in Mason County and eventually moved to Wayne County, IA. Jane Waddle was born in Somerset, Pulaski County, KY. I have run into a dead-end on these Mason County lines. I visited Mason County library last summer with no real leads or findings. According to the LDS Ancestral Files there were several Benjamon McIntosh(s), and each obviously married different women; it's possible that this Benjamon married two sisters, but I can't nail it down for sure. This is my first signing of a register on the net. I hope this isn't too wordy, but I know I was looking for key names as I scanned the entries. So, I thought I would provide those key names first. Nice site!

D. Peterson
Tallmadge,, OH USA
Clan Affiliation: Benjamon McIntosh (KY)
Wednesday, March 04, 1998 at 20:35:16 (CST)

Great web site!! Just found it while surfing the net. It's wonderful to be able to tap into a bit of history. I grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. My father is Norman Alexander MacIntosh, originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. His father's name was John MacIntosh. I'd love to hear from anybody who might have any info about the family or might possibly be related. Cheers, Beth.

Beth MacIntosh-Pawluk
Lubbock, TX USA
Clan Affiliation: MacIntosh
Tuesday, March 03, 1998 at 10:30:58 (CST)

Good site. I'm new on the net and just browsing.

Louis McIntosh
Shreveport, la USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Monday, March 02, 1998 at 20:16:01 (CST)

I follow and contribute to other MacKintosh pages but have not yet made a family connection. I hope someone will find a lead to other members of my line of the clan. Here's what I know. My Gggrandfather was William McIntosh (born either Petty or Kilmuir). Does anyone know where Kilmuir is ? His wife was Alexanderina McLeod. I know of only one son John (b.1845) at Urquart. John married Catherine Ryan at Stirling in 1870. Both John and William were in the 93rd Regiment. John and Catherine had seven sons and a daughter born at or near Stirling in Scotland. John (1872), Duncan (1874), Norman (1876), James (1880), Matthew and Andrew (1884), Thomas (1886), Mary (1889). Norman, Duncan and Andrew came out to New Zealand in 1906, their mother followed three years later. Andrew moved to Australia and the contact was lost. John and Thomas lived in Glasgow. John had a son also named John. I think his wife's maiden name was Mouatt. Norman's sweetheart, Susan Wallace, followed him out to NZ. They had four children: James, Mary, Josephine, Tom. James (Jim) McIntosh was my father. If anyone thinks they have a family connection please feel free to email.

John McIntosh
Whakatane (town), Bay of Plenty New Zealand
Clan Affiliation: MacKintosh
Monday, March 02, 1998 at 17:49:16 (CST)

I am descended of John H. MCINTOSH who married Martha Jane SCOTT in Dearborn Co., IN in 1836. He was born in MD, March 21, 1800. He ended up in Daviess Co., IN. If anyone has any information on him PLEASE contact me! I look forward to hearing from you.

Jackie DeCamp
Plainfield, IN USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Monday, March 02, 1998 at 17:31:54 (CST)

Father-in-law's name = w.f. mcintosh of Vonda, Saskatchewan, Canada. any connections for me to get in touch with?

Judy McIntosh
Telkwa, bc Canada
Sunday, March 01, 1998 at 22:16:27 (CST)

I am visiting Scotland March/April to visit Moy Castle which I have always been told was the original 'seat' of the McIntosh clan. Looking at Moy Castle on the Internet it seems only to mention the McLean clan. Can anyone advise me?

Diane Tinkler (nee McIntosh)
Brisbane, Qld Australia
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Sunday, March 01, 1998 at 02:32:00 (CST)

My great uncle was a McIntosh and I am very close with his children and his wife who is still alive at 81. I am tracing their genealogy for them and myself. Thanks! Mike

Michael Wooton
Springfield, VT USA
Saturday, February 28, 1998 at 17:42:44 (CST)



Saturday, February 28, 1998 at 16:44:31 (CST)

Hey Cool Page If any one wants to write me Please feel free to Thanks!!!!!!!!!

Cori McIntosh
Union Furnace, OH USA
Friday, February 27, 1998 at 14:50:21 (CST)

Norman MacIntosh married Christy MacNeil Aug.23,1845 in Arichat,Cape Breton,Nova Scotia. They had a large family, my great grandfather John being only one of them. I'd love to find out what happened to the rest of the doesn't appear that anyone but John and Angus stayed on the island. The family lived in West Bay,Cape the census of 1871..Christy is widowed and living with her children in St.Peter's,Cape Breton. I'd love to hear from anyone who may know what happened to the family.

Norma Day
Bras d'Or, N.S. Canada
Clan Affiliation: MacIntosh & Nicholson
Thursday, February 26, 1998 at 18:25:23 (CST)


Wednesday, February 25, 1998 at 16:06:49 (CST)

John MacIntosh
London, Ontario Canada
Wednesday, February 25, 1998 at 13:44:48 (CST)

My dad will love this site...good job!

Beth McIntosh

Gainesville, Fl USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Tuesday, February 24, 1998 at 23:12:40 (CST)

My dad, Robert McIntosh, will love this sight! He travels often to Scotland and is very interested in our heritage. Good job with the site!

Beth McIntosh

Gainesville, Fl USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Tuesday, February 24, 1998 at 23:10:12 (CST)

I have reached back to James Ritchie born 1750. He was married to Polly(?) . James was the father of Alexander Crockett Ritchie born 1790 who was married to Elizabeth Grigsby and both are buried at the Ritchie Cemetary up Clear Creek at Richie, KY outside of what is now Hazard, Ky. I think James was buried in North Carolina or Virginia. But I'm not sure. I would like to know if anyone has the emigration record of the Ritchie's late 1700's from Scotland and family records. The family folklore tells of three brothers emigrating from Scotland in the late 1700's. Thanks much and happy genealogical hunting!

Major James R. Ritchie Jr.
Fayetteville, NC USA
Clan Affiliation: Sept of the MacKintosh
Tuesday, February 24, 1998 at 22:38:40 (CST)

I've traced our ancestry back to County Down, Northern Ireland. Robert McIntosh came to Boston, MA in 1850 from there. Our family remained in that area for the most part. My family has several members in MN. I'm interested in finding clues to the migration before 1850 if anyone has any tips.

Paul James McIntosh
St Louis Park , MN USA
Clan Affiliation: Robert McIntosh (Boston MA)
Tuesday, February 24, 1998 at 14:18:34 (CST)

My great-grandfather, William McIntosh left, Kinnmont(possibly Kinnmount) Canada in 1889, at the age of 16. He left all family ties that we know of, and moved to Jamestown, N.Y.. Any information on the family left behind would be helpful.

Paul McIntosh
Wellington, Florida USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Sunday, February 22, 1998 at 18:32:58 (CST)

Just researching my Elder roots. Would love to know for sure if I belong to this Clan, but haven't researched enough yet. My ancestors are Samuel and William Elder (father and son) from late-1600's to early 1700's Scotland/Ireland.

David Howard
Lavergne, TN USA
Clan Affiliation: Elder
Sunday, February 22, 1998 at 14:10:45 (CST)

Was just looking up the McIntosh genealogy.

Brenda McIntosh-Doell
Calgary, AB Canada
Clan Affiliation: None
Saturday, February 21, 1998 at 16:11:48 (CST)

We have certainly enjoyed this Web page. Just discovered it today. We have a family reunion each year in August. We will add it to your schedule after we find out the exact date and location this year. Keep up the good work! George Daniel McIntosh (Wife - Linda McIntosh, who has the E-Mail address).

George D. McIntosh (Linda McIntosh)
Connelly Springs, NC USA
Clan Affiliation: Unsure
Saturday, February 21, 1998 at 15:43:54 (CST)

Discovered this page while setting up my home computer. Hello from Scotland

Bob MacKintosh
Dundee, Scotland
Clan Affiliation: A MacKintosh!
Friday, February 20, 1998 at 16:58:32 (CST)

I discovered this page while setting up my home computer. Hello from Scotland

Bob MacKintosh
Dundee, Scotland
Clan Affiliation: A MacKintosh!
Friday, February 20, 1998 at 16:44:37 (CST)

Steve "doobie" McIntosh

Edinburgh, Scotland
Thursday, February 19, 1998 at 10:45:28 (CST)

Wow. cool site...its interesting to see/learn more about your heritage.. especially at 4:24 in the morning.....yeehaw fun. I'll be sure to tell the rest of my family about this site so we can get some Canadian blood into the mix.... (yeah yeah yeah its all good) take care

Adam C. McIntosh
Cambridge, Ontario Canada
Thursday, February 19, 1998 at 03:28:50 (CST)

I am looking for the descendants of Norman MacIntosh & Christy MacNeil from West Bay/St.Peters, Cape Breton,N.S. I know that Norman & Christy were married at Arichat, Aug.23,1845. Their children were Angus, Alexander,Donald, John-my great grandfather, Mary Ann, Murdock,Ann, Catherine and Sarah. In the 1871 census, Christy was a widow living in St.Peter's. From what I understand the majority of the family moved to the US by the 1920's. I would love to be able to trace the siblings of John.

Norma Day
Bras D'Or, Nova Scotia, Canada
Clan Affiliation: MacIntosh
Wednesday, February 18, 1998 at 17:08:48 (CST)

I am descended from David McIntosh b.1760-1770 d.1829-30 Greene Co., Ga. m. 1795 in Green Co. Ga. Ruth Polly Dawson, daughter of George Dawson and Katie Ruth Marsen Skidmore, George was a Rev. War Vet. We think David had two brothers who also came to the early 1790s Jesse McIntosh b. 1760-1770 d. 1835 Fayette Co., Ga. m. June Cartwright Daniel McIntosh b.1760-1770 m. Sarah Cartwright. All three had a large family. I need help locating place of birth and parents of these three.

J. P. Rowe
Carrollton, GA USA
Clan Affiliation: unknown
Wednesday, February 18, 1998 at 13:48:18 (CST)

I am the son of William Edward McIntosh of Shelbyville, Kentucky. My grandfather was Hiram McIntosh of Shelby County, Kentucky. His mother was known as Ma Emmy. I have no idea what her real name was. I believe our family originated around Stanton, Irvine, and Ravenna, Kentucky. Would like to hear from any relatives, especially Sonk, Tiny or any of Mama Nora McIntosh's kinfolk. I have ties and other items in our tartan but fear that the cost of a kilt might be astronomical. I measure 54 inches 'round my waist! Would love to hear from the Kentucky McIntoshs! There are scads of us still in Shelby County;Roy, Leonard, Charles, et al. Want to meet more.

William Hiram McIntosh
Troy, OH USA
Clan Affiliation: not sure
Monday, February 16, 1998 at 18:09:52 (CST)

Born in Glasgow in 1960 my fathers name is William Thompson McIntosh born in 1932.Most of the family are still in Glasgow.

Suzan McIntosh
Neiderkruchten, Germany
Monday, February 16, 1998 at 13:15:38 (CST)

Son of Harold McIntosh Sr. and Hazel Holliday. Hazard,Ky. Grandfather Fillmore McIntosh. Enjoyed the web site and interested in more direct family info.

Harold McIntosh
Brandon, FL USA
Saturday, February 14, 1998 at 15:54:26 (CST)

Interesting page. well done. My Grandfather Murdoch MacKintosh turned 90 this year. He was born in Madawaska Ont. Canada in Nov.28 1907 He was married to Geraldine Mitchell and lived for many years in Waterloo Quebec. He now lives in Victoria B.C. His father was John Neil Mackintosh from Lochiel Ontario Canada Born April 17 1872. in Ontario His father was John Mackintosh born in 1823 in Scotland married to Flora Mcgillivary His father was Donald Mackintosh born in Scotland in 1781 and had a wife Nancy. I'm very proud of my Scottish roots, if anyone believes they are directly related drop us a line ..... Alaba go bragh

Christopher James
Victoria, B.C. Canada
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Thursday, February 12, 1998 at 22:03:24 (CST)

Just passing through, thought I'd say hi.

Shane Clifton McIntosh
Thursday, February 12, 1998 at 16:50:20 (CST)

My father's name was Clarence V. McIntosh, born in Bisbee AZ 1919,but apparently the family was rooted in KY. He died there in 1989. His mother was Ruby Jane Bell McIntosh; she was born in 1895, died in Kentucky in the early 1990s; she was in her late 90s. Clarence's father was Berry McIntosh; he died young--probably in his 40s--in KY in 1938. Berry's mother Elizabeth ("Lizzie"--I don't know her maiden name or husband's name) lived to her late 90s, died in Crofton, KY in the 60s, so I assume she was born in late 1860s. I am tracking down a Civil War discharge paper that is supposed to exist for a Henry McIntosh, supposedly my gggrandfather. (I do know there are other McIntoshes in the same small town, Crofton KY who were not related to us that I know of--but I'll bet if we dug far enough back we'd find that we are. Great web site . . . will check back often! Research for my novels has reactivated my interest in finding my own Scot/Irish roots. Joy Balmer

Joy Balmer
Fairfield, CA USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Thursday, February 12, 1998 at 14:22:55 (CST)

I am tracking the history of several family groups with names of McKilligan, McKillican, and similar spellings. My personal ancestors came from Aberdeenshire Scotland to Toronto. One west west to Vancouver, the other south through Michigan to St. Paul, Minnesota.

Douglas James McKilligan
Bloomington, MN USA
Clan Affiliation: Chattan
Tuesday, February 10, 1998 at 20:05:47 (CST)

I think your pages are wonderful. Love the pipes! You have a way of making one feel welcome. I have a pretty long line Of McIntoshes,but have not went into England yet. Thank you, Mary

Mary Huckleberry
Salem, IN USA
Clan Affiliation: G-mother Mary Bell McIntosh
Tuesday, February 10, 1998 at 07:39:49 (CST)

Ancestors came from north east West Va.

Robert E. McIntosh
Frederick, MD USA
Monday, February 09, 1998 at 21:18:56 (CST)

Great web site, but would anyone know of a MacGlynn affiliation. I have been told that the MacGlynns' were a subset of the Mackintoshes but have not been able to verify this information. Whomever started the web site great idea...

Earl Glenn (MacGlynn)
Ann Arbor, MI USA
Clan Affiliation: MacGlynn
Monday, February 09, 1998 at 13:52:59 (CST)

This is a great site, I was wondering if anyone else puts 2 lines under the C in Mcintosh

Clifford Randall McIntosh
Tulsa, OK USA
Sunday, February 08, 1998 at 22:03:42 (CST)

Very informative.

Nancy McIntosh Holsonback
Rowlett, TX USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Thursday, January 22, 1998 at 16:43:38 (CST)

My Grandfather was James Cameron Elder, who's family came over from Scotland around 1900. He was placed in an orphanage in New Jersey as a young boy after his Father died as his Mother couldn't care for him or his brother. Does anyone out there know about this part of the Elder Family before they left Scotland? I have a fairly good amount of information about them after they immigrated but not before.

Cameron Dingman
Las Vegas, NV USA
Tuesday, January 20, 1998 at 13:40:55 (CST)

I have just started looking through the family tree and REALLY need help. My husband John Charles McIntosh is the son of John David McIntosh (NJ) and Helen Badaracca; son of John James McIntosh (NY) and Katherine Mary McEvoy; son of David McIntosh (who came from Scotland in 1894) and Mary Brennan: son of John McIntosh and Catherine Oram; son of James McIntosh and Christian Stuart. I know that there is a Thomas McIntosh (son of James McIntosh) who never left Scotland. There is a William McIntosh who married a woman named Lillian and settled in Ottawa Canada. (William was the son of David and Mary Brennen). There is also a John McIntosh who married a woman named Alice Collier and they had three sons, Harry, Walter and Travis. I have been able to find out that Harry had a daughter named Sirely Alleyne McIntosh (Krasinski) who was at one time writing a family history (which I would dearly love to get my hands on! My husband and I have 5 children: Kimberlee McIntosh; Melissa Colleen McIntosh; Caleb J. McIntosh; Evan P. McIntosh and Dylan G. McIntosh. If anyone has any information on any of these people listed above, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Wendy McIntosh
Chievres, Belgium, Belgium
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Monday, January 19, 1998 at 14:01:16 (CST)

I'm looking for Roderick McIntosh (b circa 1750) who came to Robeson County, NC about 1780. He and his wife Mary Anderson were from Inverness, Scotland. I'll appreciate any info and will exchange info re Roderick's descendants.

Riverton, NJ USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Sunday, January 18, 1998 at 19:45:03 (CST)

Looking for other relatives...Anguish McIntosh,who lived in North Carolina, and then moved to Carter County in East Tennessee was my 4th great grandfather.

Ray Phillips
Sevierville, TN USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Sunday, January 18, 1998 at 17:59:00 (CST)

My gggg grandfather was James Lochlin McIntosh,he was born in 1759- 1761,not sure what year.He was born in Scotland,somewhere on the Spey River.He came over with General Cornwallis as a drummer in the 71st Highlanders,at age 15.He married Mary McDonald,not sure what year she was born or when they were married.They had 7 kids.Two of the boys Alexander & William fought with there dad at the battle of Queenston Heights in the war of 1812.The other children were,Daniel,Lochlin, Grace,Isabella,and Amelia who married a Malcom Wuir in 1837.Lochlin is my ggg grandfather he was born in 1808 in Nova Scotia.He married Esther Scarlet in the county of Kent on the river Thames,not sure of the year.They had children Charles McIntosh who married Emma Moore. Henry McIntosh who is my gg grandfather.He married Winnifred Bobier. Jane McIntosh who married Joshua Bobier.Mary McIntosh who married William Scarlet.Amelia McIntosh who married D.D. Willerson,and Winnifred who died at age 4 years.Lochlin McIntosh left his family in 1849 for California never to be heard from again.Henry and Winnifred married in Euphemia,Canada in 1852.They had children Thomas McIntosh who married Matilda McBride.Arthur C. McIntosh who married Abbey McBride,who is my great grandfather.Emily Jane McIntosh,Mirmie,John W McIntosh who married Lottie,not sure of maiden name.Milford McIntosh who married Zelphia Hartman,and Leilan.Henry and Winnifred must had more kids.I found a Mary Lou or Mary Joe who married Russell F Walker in 1906.Her age was 25 at the time it would put her birth year in 1881 In my records the last child born was Leilan in 1869.Henry and Winnifred names are on the marriage parents.Like to know if they had more kids.Most of my family is from the Guelph,Kent county Chatham,and Dawn Township area.Most all in the Ontario area.Thomas McIntosh changed the spelling of the last name to Mackintosh in the 1891 Dawn Township census.They had 10 or 11 kids.My great grandfather Arthur Charles McIntosh moved to Caseville Mi.He owned a farm on Gotts Corners.Arthur and Abbey McBride had 4 kids.Henry,James who is my grandfather,who married Pearl Collis.Garnet,and Walter Earl If anyone out there can supply me with more information please e-mail me.Sorry for so much babble,but I have really hit a dead end.By the way great site.

Terry J McIntosh
Montrose, MI USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Saturday, January 17, 1998 at 23:37:12 (CST)

This is a neat home page. I found out last year that my family name is a Sept of Clan McIntosh. I hope to learn more about my people. Thanks for sharing.

Dawn Noelle Cash Janke
Wendell , NC USA
Saturday, January 17, 1998 at 19:35:09 (CST)

I'm a descendent of Chief William McIntosh (of whom the county I live in is named after). Its strange to see that it was not marked of the map of US people who are in relation to the McIntosh clan. I know of many people in this county that have the last name McIntosh but I'm not sure of how they are related....and I think you should check into the county in Georgia.

Celia Reames
Friday, January 16, 1998 at 21:20:03 (CST)

WOW! that plaid is really something!! Checked out your site because my husband is a descendant of JOSEPH WALLACE McINTOSH. I'll bookmark the site and let him have a look!

Edie Elting
Charlotte, NC USA
Clan Affiliation: Houlihan (?!)
Friday, January 16, 1998 at 20:09:29 (CST)

Searching my McIntosh ancestry..... Looking for a Peter McIntosh around 1840....probably East--New York State.. that's as far back as I got (about a great, great, great grandfather of mine)

Roseann McIntosh Moynihan
Redwood City, CA USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Thursday, January 15, 1998 at 15:41:59 (CST)

GREAT SITE!!! I'm from Ohio but my grandpa came from KY. He did not know his father very well. From what I can remember he said I think he had quite a few brother and sisters. His name is Benjamin McIntosh. Any one with any info PLEASE contact me. THANKS!

Rollin McIntosh
Dayton, OH USA
Clan Affiliation: Not sure
Friday, January 09, 1998 at 13:18:26 (CST)

My son's birthday is there, 1979 but he was born on the 11th of July not the 8th.   Thank you.

William Harkey
Shawano, , WI USA
Wednesday, January 07, 1998 at 17:34:01 (CST)

Just checking out the site

Bill Harkey
Shawano, WI USA
Clan Affiliation: Horrel MacIntosh
Wednesday, January 07, 1998 at 17:13:47 (CST)

Very interesting site if only my father could have seen it I know his interest would have been far greater than mine and could have made some good additions to it. signed on behalf of Robert McIntosh from Buckie Inverness.

Duncan McIntosh
Adelaide, S.A Australia
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Wednesday, January 07, 1998 at 04:20:46 (CST)

Looking for a connection for a Francis McIntosh. Family lore says she married Joseph Cary. Both born about 1800-1805. Were in IL, Clark Co. 1830 - AR ,Carroll Co., 1840 and both died before or shortly after 1850. May have been related to a Mahaley Rains (married name).

Paul Filean
West Des Moines, IA USA
Monday, January 05, 1998 at 19:55:08 (CST)


Guy McIntosh
Tempe, Arizona USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Sunday, January 04, 1998 at 20:33:33 (CST)

Thank you for your sight I loved reading about my fellow McIntosh's. My family are located in California.My Father was Richard Lloyd McIntosh,Mother Alma, I have three brothers and one sister.

Marcella McIntosh Spearman
Clovis, NM USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Sunday, January 04, 1998 at 16:21:59 (CST)

Son of Margaret MacIntosh of Prince Edward Island, grandson of Catherine MacDonald of North Sidney, Nova Scotia. No wonder I like bagpipe music.

Kevin Doucette
Cedar Rapids, IA USA
Clan Affiliation: MacIntosh
Sunday, January 04, 1998 at 15:10:47 (CST)

Nice site. I find it hard to believe the lack of Scottish entries in the guestbook. Happy new year to all Mcintosh`s around the world.

Andrew McIntosh
Falkirk, Scotland
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Sunday, January 04, 1998 at 07:23:32 (CST)

My grandfather was James Arthur McIntosh from Kentucky. He journeyed to Milwaukee, WI and married my grandmother, Dorothy Pearl McConkey, in the 1920's. Anybody else have a scoop on McIntoshes in KY? I hear that the family ran a general store in a small town. I'm just starting to get interested . . .

Ginger (McIntosh) Helgeson
Kenosha, WI USA
Saturday, January 03, 1998 at 17:30:03 (CST)

Anyone got a Kate Mackintosh on their tree? Last known of 1920 around London. My Husbands Grandmother

Carol Pickford
Liverpool, England
Clan Affiliation: Mackintosh
Saturday, January 03, 1998 at 05:55:28 (CST)

I like your web site.  I am curious about family genealogies as I have lost track of recent family tree.

Virginia Macintosh
Walnut Creek, CA USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Friday, January 02, 1998 at 20:14:46 (CST)

Descendant of Col. Dan McIntosh ... who married a Chief's daughter and became Chief of the lower Creeks... One of the Five Civilized Tribes.Led them over on the Trail of Tears to Indian Territory. His plantation is a Historical Site in Georgia. His family was prominent in Oklahoma and a County is named after him. He is in the Okla. History Books. My Great Cousin...Dode McIntosh was appointed Chief of the Creeks by Washington DC. Okla. Historical Society may have some more information. Also his son Chili McIntosh was a Confederate Officer and I believe a Warchief.

James L
Dallas, TX USA
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Friday, January 02, 1998 at 17:43:46 (CST)

I would love to hear from fellow McIntosh Clan members from around the world

McIntosh Graeme Stewart
Harare, Zimbabwe
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Friday, January 02, 1998 at 09:22:52 (CST)

It's great to have this web site! Any Ritchies from N.W. of Aberdeen? We could be related. Please write.

Alex Ritchie
Calgary, AB Canada
Clan Affiliation: McIntosh
Thursday, January 01, 1998 at 21:25:41 (CST)