Hanging on the cross
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In the Footsteps of Jesus

So opposite the stereotype
Power used only for others
Living definition of a hero
Jesus...a Man of joy!
Hanging on the cross
What a Guy!
He loves you SO much!


Hanging on the cross.   It was awful beyond description . . . 

The ultimate act of superhuman love--a tortured, disfigured Jesus slowly dies on the cross. (Bruce Marchiano in "Matthew")
From Bruce’s journal:  February 9, 1993 "I hung on the cross yesterday.  More when I have time, but simply, I never began to understand what Jesus did for me until yesterday.  And I still gained only a glimpse of the reality, the absolute subjection/submission to horror . . . for me.  Every believer should wear a crown of thorns and hang on a cross for ten seconds—they would never be the same.  And I can’t help but feel that every non-believer would accept Christ on the spot if he did the same.  I have never felt so alone, so naked, so ugly, so emotionally bare—and I was just play-acting, dipping my toe into the experience of the cross.  What He did for us!   He chose it! . . .   Lives will never be the same.  Mine will never be the same.  Hanging on the cross.  It was awful beyond description—

. . . and I was faking it."

Text and photo taken from In the Footsteps of Jesus, by Bruce Marchiano 
(p. 177-178).  In Footsteps, Bruce takes readers on an intimate journey into the life of Christ as he describes the Jesus of joy he discovered while immersed in filming The Visual Bible™'s "Matthew."

In the Footsteps of Jesus.  Copyright © 1997 by Bruce Marchiano. Published by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon  97402 and Visual Entertainment, Dallas, Texas  75248.  Used on www.LoveLavished.org  by permission.



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